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Tangentially Reading is the literary spin-off of Christopher Ryan’s popular podcast Tangentially Speaking.

Tangentially Reading is a stunning book, adorned with original illustrations from Adam McDade. Featuring conversations with Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell, Nikki Glaser, Wim Hof, Mary Roach and a host of others, the book is packed to bursting with wisdom, anecdote and humour.

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Tangentially Reading is the literary spin-off of Christopher Ryan’s popular podcast, Tangentially Speaking.Tangentially Speaking released its inaugural episode in 2012, and new episodes have appeared weekly ever since. Tangentially Reading collects and preserves in paper form 26 of the podcast’s most memorable conversations. The creation of the book – from its conception through to transcription through to design and illustration – has been powered by the enthusiasm of the global Tangentially Speaking community. The book will be printed in November.

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